Dog Walk Details

I walk dogs from 1 household at a time. During each walk, I'll text you two to three photos of your dog(s), and after each walk I'll text you a poo/pee and walk report. I love taking dogs to Prospect Park. Check out some of my pet portraits HERE and HERE.
I'm extremely safety conscious. I'm trained in CPR and first aid for dogs/cats. During each walk, your dog will be securely attached to my waist by a caribener in addition to the leash being held firmly in my hand. Additionally, I use a reinforcement loop between the leash/collar attachment since the leash loops can open.
I'm not a professional trainer, but if your dog has had some basic training, I'm happy to practice during the walk. I provide treats (100% beef liver) and doggie bags for every walks.
Please note that I do not walk dogs for more than 30 minutes when the heat is over 90 degrees, due to dangerously hot air and pavement, plus I provide plenty of cold water and use a cooling cloth. 

Rates (one dog):
1/2 hour- $20
45 minutes- $25
1 hour- $30
($5 extra for each additional dog)
Feeding and water bowl refilled-Free
Payable by cash, check, Paypal, Venmo.

(I do not do dog boarding or sitting. My 3 cats wouldn't approve.)